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Turpentine baths and balms SKIPOFIT®

White Turpentine Emulsion 500 ml/17 fl. oz.


Yellow Turpentine Solution 500 ml/17 fl.oz.


Shipment from a warehouse in Europe!

We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!


Everything new is well - forgotten old!

Both types of baths lead to renewal of the blood flow where it is disrupted, which helps the body to heal itself.

* SKIPOFIT turpentine baths with extracts of herbs surpass in efficiency all known analogues!

August Krogh was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1920 "for his discovery of the capillary motor regulating mechanism."

The guarantee of health is in proper metabolic processes, in capillaries penetrating the entire human body. That's the reason why Dr. Zalmanov called his method "Capillary Therapy".

Zalmanov got ahead of his time — already at the beginning of the last century he knew what science proved not so long ago. The cause of most of the troubles in the body is an interruption of microcirculation — capillary blood flow.

In the process of vital activity, the capillary net is clogged with waste. The blood flow slows down sharply and in some areas stops altogether (and causes congestion).

Cells cease to receive oxygen and nutrients, cannot give off carbon dioxide and remove waste. Self-poisoning of the cell is under way and the cell dies. With age, this process begins to assume massive proportions, there are entire segments of dead cells and dried up capillaries in the tissues. This is what we call aging ...

To open capillaries, he advised the most ordinary natural remedies: proper breathing, daily exercise and turpentine baths.         

The latter, in his opinion, are able to work miracles!*

 Dr.Zalmanov himself regularly took baths and remained true to his slogan "to die young at the age of 90". Until the last day he worked hard, at 80 he became a father again, he was actively interested in women, at 90 he looked 30 years younger and always repeated that the power of the human body and its ability to self-recovery is inexhaustible.

What bath solution to choose - WHITE or YELLOW?

In most cases, people follow the basic principle: alternate white baths with yellow baths.

White baths help to open the capillaries, 

Yellow baths - to clean them from waste.

Base solutions - the foundation of recovery

Both types of baths lead to the recovery of the blood flow where it is disrupted, which helps the body to heal itself.

White Turpentine Emulsion 500 ml/17 fl. oz.


Yellow Turpentine Solution 500 ml/17 fl.oz.



Неверный ввод
Неверный ввод
Неверный ввод
Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод


Неверный ввод
We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!

How to prepare a bath in a proper way

  1. Fill the bathtub with water (temperature 36C/97F)
  2. Pour the required amount of turpentine solution into a small vessel with a cover (approximately 500 ml) and dilute with a small amount (250 ml) of hot water (38-40C)
  3. Cover the vessel, shake it up well and pour the contents into a filled bathtub
  4. Mix well the water in the bathtub until a uniform color of water is obtained.

Start bathing at a temperature of 36C and gradually increase the water temperature to 39-40C. With each following procedure, you can increase the dosage by 5 ml. With the correct dosage, you will feel a slight tingling all over your body during the bath.

The following  part of the procedure: After leaving the bathtub, it is necessary, without wiping, to wrap youself in a terry cotton robe, put on woolen or warm linen socks and go to bed, covered with a warm blanket. This is the following part of the procedure. It is necessary to lie down for 50-60 minutes. At this time, perspiration and a slight burning sensation on the skin continue - the turpentine composition is still in effect. If the procedure is done before going to sleep, you can fall asleep after it. However, for a more complete effect of awakening and swinging all life support systems, it is better to do this in the morning. In that case, having got up from the bed, you need to go to the bathroom again and take a warm or hot (but not too much) shower to warm up, if you are cold, and  wash off everything that went out together with sweat.


  • High blood pressure – you alternate a yellow bath a with mixed bath *
  • Low blood pressure - you alternate awhite bath with a mixed bath *
  • Normal blood pressure - you alternate a white bath with a yellow bath

Mixed baths are the mixing of two liquids in proportion 1: 1 (starting with 5 ml of white + 5 ml of yellow) in one bath. Thus, mixed baths do not increase and do not lower blood pressure, so they can be used by patients with both high and low blood pressure.

If your health is badly neglected, moderation and gradualness should become your motto. 

You should not bring yourself to the state of obvious discomfort.

Who is not recommended to take baths?

Once again, we have to note that Skipofit baths are a cosmetic product from the point of view of safety, and absolutely anyone can take them at home. Contraindications can be connected only with water temperature and individual intolerance of the components. 

Contraindications for application of Skipofit solutions:

  •  Alcoholic intoxication.
  • General contraindications for the use of general hyperthermic (warm) baths.
  • Do not use baths only with white emulsion if you have high blood pressure and baths with yellow solution if you have low bloodpressure.
  • Oncological diseases, trophic ulcers, open wounds, etc. may usually be the contraindications for taking common baths, even at a temperature of 36 degrees. We do not recommend the use of baths for women during menstruation and nursing mothers.
  • It is not recommended to take baths at home for children under 4-6 years old, as it is very difficult to find the adequate dosage at this age.

You have contraindications to the baths, and you would like to use them?

There are "dry" turpentine baths - SKIPOFIT turpentine balms

(for rubbing the problem areas)

The Research Institute of Naturotherapy created a unique product - Skipofit turpentine balms in the form of embrocations for those who are not allowed to take baths for health reasons, and for those who do not have the time or opportunity to take them. Balms do not take much time, have almost no contraindications and act where necessary. The composition of each of the balms, except for "live" turpentine, includes natural extracts of herbs. They enhance the effect and help to find the most suitable remedy for everyone.

Skipofit Turpentine Balms

New Generation of Turpentine Baths

(Effect of turpentine bath + ease of use)

Skipofit balms have preserved all advantages of traditional turpentine baths, do not take much time and are convenient to use. Pick your balm:



It helps to:

- lose weight in problem areas

- prevent from re-depositing the "superfluous"

- tighten the skin



 It helps to:

- slow down the aging of the face and body

- protect cells from damage

- prevent aging of the body as a whole  



 It helps to:

- reduce wrinkles and age spots

-return freshness to the skin of face and body

- fight with the scars



It helps to:

- reduce the feeling of fatigue and swelling of the feet

- improve sleep - due to relaxation of muscles and nerve endings in the legs

- it gives comfort for the whole day



It helps to:

- improve blood flow in the joints

- recover your health

- return your mobility

We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!

How to use the Skipofit balms? As easy as one, two, three:

  1. Shake up,

  2.  Apply to the skin,

  3. Rub until absorbed completely.   

    That’s all!

    • The balms have a light texture, they are quickly absorbed, leaving no traces on the clothes.

    • 1 bottle of balm (150ml/5,1fl.oz.) is enough for about 2 months of regular use.

Crystal dragees APL GO

(Lollipops - just put them under your tongue)


And most importantly - EFFECTIVE.

Cellular nutrition, combining new technologies and ancient Ayurvedic and Tibetan recipes

Dragees APL GO, “ACUMULLIT SA” series, which are an extraordinary technological breakthrough of European scientists, have no analogues and represent a new generation of food products at the level of cellular assimilation.

Acumullit SA (Strength Accumulation Technology) is a technology for creating a new generation nutritional product for cellular restoration and regulation of the cellular system, with a high content of bioingredients.

APL GO products are decades ahead of their time. Crystalline pills supply us with all the beneficial cell substances necessary for its proper functioning. The products are already sold in more than 60 countries.

Absolutely compatible with all other treatment methods.

Suitable for use from early childhood, dissolves and drips under the tongue.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

No contraindications, no restrictions, no overdose, absolutely safe, fast, tasty and most importantly effective!

Certified KOSHER and HALAL

confirms that the product fully complies with the most stringent requirements and special laws on proper nutrition. Certificate of conformity confirms the quality and safety of the product, as well as the presence of all declared bioactive components.



* Eliminates stress at the cellular level

* Protects and restores the nervous system

*Helps fight the negative effects of stress

* Restores healthy sleep phases

* Eliminates long-term irritability

* Tones the body and restores energy



* Strengthens the immune system

* Improves digestion

* Immunomodulator

* Strengthens the body's immunity and resistance to viruses and infections

* Antioxidant effect

* Improves memory



* Enhances metabolic processes in the body

* Strengthens the immune system

* Increases resistance to fatigue and stress

* Improves blood supply to the brain

* For a healthy nervous system

* Eliminates irritability, anxiety, chronic fatigue

* Prevents the development of atherosclerosis



* Controls blood sugar levels and slows the progression of diabetes

* Activates the pancreas to produce insulin

* Increases endurance and effectively restores the body

* Accelerates wound healing

* Improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

* Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels

* Improves blood circulation in capillaries and vessels

Get the key to health and pleasure!


* normalization of hormonal balance

* restoration of female reproduction

* improves the activity of the genitourinary system

* relieves psycho-emotional stress.

Get the key to health and pleasure!


*strengthens the male body

*strengthens the genitourinary system

*increases potency

*helps normal functioning of the prostate

*Solve intimate problems

*increases tone and general condition



*Normalizes blood pressure

* Relieves pain of any origin

* Strengthens the immune system

* Has an analgesic effect

* Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects

* Improves blood circulation

* Removes toxins and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body

* Has a hemostatic effect



* Promotes restoration of joints and tendons

* For healthy bones and joints, spine, tendons and ligaments

* For recovery after injury or surgery

* Prevents the destruction of cartilage tissue and stimulates its regeneration

  * Strengthens joint tissues and increases their elasticity

* Help to elieves joint pain

* Suppresses inflammatory processes



*Has a beneficial effect on brain activity

* Improves memory

* Stimulates cerebral circulation

* Stimulates mental clarity, concentration, attention and creative thinking

* Recovers after heart attack and stroke

* For prevention and for BURNOUT syndrome

* Maintains emotional stability

* Promotes recovery of brain cells



* Helps reduce anxiety levels

* Helps relieve everyday stress and depression

* Eliminates tension and fatigue

* Calms and tones at the same time

*Helps regulate sleep cycle

* Helps get rid of the “life in anticipation” syndrome

* Brings you back to reality

*Includes mindfulness

* Concentrates the mind



*Stimulates and supports the entire respiratory system

*Helps increase lung capacity

* Supports and strengthens the immune defense

* Reduces the frequency and severity of infectious diseases

* Helps cleanse and normalize blood composition

*Has anti-inflammatory properties



*Antiparasitic complex of 20 types of medicinal plants, herbs and fruits that restore health and eliminate parasites for a long time

* Pure pathogens - parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths

*Helps restore and maintain immunity

* Promotes healing and cleansing of the entire body



* Has antiallergic effect

* Eliminates allergic symptoms and reactions

* Cleanses the lymphatic system

* Improves blood rheology

* Normalizes the functioning of the immune system

* Supports respiratory health

* Improves blood clotting



* Regenerates damaged liver cells

* Stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes

* Removes toxins and heavy metals

* Improves bile flow and bile function

* Normalizes cholesterol levels

* Provides reliable liver protection

* Improves fat metabolism



* Supports the cardiovascular system

* Improves blood flow to the myocardium

* Normalizes blood pressure

* Strengthens the walls and elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes heart rate

* Improves blood supply to the brain

* For the prevention of heart pathologies, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis



* Normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas

* Eliminates nausea, bloating, pelvis and heaviness

* Eliminates heartburn and reflux

* Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes

* Has a choleretic and diuretic effect

* Normalizes intestinal motility

* Prevents the development of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers



*Provides youthful appearance to the face and body thanks to natural ingredients.*Helps prolong cell life and slow down aging
*Helps maintain the attractiveness of the skin, internally charging the body with energy and strength.
*Improves the condition of hair and nails
*Strengthens the body's defense against free radicals


We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!

Methods for the effective use of turpentine baths and balms SKIPOFIT + Crystal dragees APL GO

For those who are not used to putting off life “for later,” our specialists have developed a combination of “Skipofit” baths and balms + APL GO crystal dragees in programs to obtain maximum results.

The combination of two high technologies and gifts of Nature is the philosophy of cellular energy, i.e. provide the body's cells with valuable nutrients and vital substances. A well-nourished cell does NOT get sick and starts the process of self-healing in the body.

Turpentine baths (externally) help restore blood flow, balms direct their action to areas of the body where you want results, and APL GO crystal dragees act at the cellular level (internally)

“Losing Weight is Easy”


It helps to:

• lose weight and tighten the skin faster

• make the whole organism healthier

• make skin smooth and silky 



It helps to:

• lose weight and tighten the skin faster

• make the whole organism healthier

• make skin smooth and silky 

"Healthy Joints"


It helps to:

• Improving blood flow in the joints

• recoving health

• recoving mobility

"Tired Legs"


It helps to:

• Reduceheaviness in the legs

• Get comfort for the whole day

• Improve sleep - by relaxing muscles and nerve endings in the legs 

"Energy of Life"


It helps to:

• clean the blood and lymphatic vessels

• rejuvenate skin and make it fresh

• make you cheerful and put you in good humor

• slow down aging processes throughout the body

We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!

How to make an order?


To place an order, fill out the form on the website

Specification of details

Our manager will contact you, answer your questions, specify the details of your order and payment, the delivery address.

Receive your goods

Your order is sent by the courier service of UKRPOST to the address specified by you in the application form on the site.

We deliver our goods to all countries of the world!

What is the secret of turpentine baths?
The matter is in special substances!

Skipofit products contain only "live" turpentine and preserved valuable substances - alpha and beta-pinens. Getting on the skin, they work on billions of nerve endings, making the capillaries work. 

The use of turpentine baths can stop negative processes in the body and recover damaged tissues. Previously empty capillaries will open, the blood will flow to the cells. Due to this, the cells will actively recover, the skin will be cleansed and saturated with moisture. The natural herbal extracts enhance the effect.

The baths do not interfere with the work of the body - they simply contribute to its self-recovery

All the processes that take place in the body are visible by skin condition. The use of turpentine baths can affect your appearance in an amazing way, and this transformation is the best control of efficiency.

Gradually, all functions of the body can be normalized

Gradually, all functions of the body can be normalized

Aging processes will slow down

Blood flow will increase in all organs

Vitality will become stronger

What results are to be expected?

The baths can affect the whole body. For example, you started taking baths for the joints, and at the same time, you may lose some weight, you will have less wrinkles on your face, the blood pressure will normalize, theshortness of breath will disappear.

Turpentine baths can affect all blood vessels, improve the nutrition of organs and tissues, remove toxins, start the process of self-healing and slow down aging.

About the manufacturer

RI of Naturotherapy is a research center combining the efforts of the best clinics, research institutes, departments, production associations in the search, development and implementation of non-drug therapies

The ancients used to say: "The living must be healed alive." We fully agree with this, as Naturotherapy (treatment with natural components) is the safest method of combating diseases, has minimal contraindications and side effects. However, the world medicine does not stand idly by.

The employees of the Research Institute of Naturotherapy study modern achievements of medicine and unite them with folk healing and health care practices.

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The site administration does not work in the sphere of medical services. Consultations and recommendations are only informational in nature and are not a full medical care. Any medical aid is provided only in specialized medical institutions under the supervision of a doctor. Despite many positive reviews and publications, we do not guarantee a 100% result from the use of these cosmetic products. The result will depend on the characteristics of the body and how carefully you follow the manufacturer's instructions for use.