FIGURE Balm - for slimming at home.


FIGURE balm is the ideal weight loss remedy for lazy people. The composition ‒ (a unique combination of 18 natural extracts):

- Natural turpentine oil– the activation of blood flow in problem areas, leading to improved absorption of active substances.

- Multi-Active Provislim®‒ a concentrated natural fat regulator, prevents lipid deposits in the treated areas, is used to control local fat deposits.

- Extracts of fucus, kelp and green coffee ‒ contribute to the breakdown of fat deposits, enhance the action of Multi-Active Provislim and lead to the correction of the figure.

- Chestnut extract - activates venous outflow, eliminates stagnant fluid, cures swelling. That is especially important for legslimming.

- Use of essential oils of orange, grapefruit and jojoba oil in the recipe ‒makes skin smooth and velvety, prevents effectively its roughness.


You are getting slim without break - regular rubbing can prevent the deposition of fat "in reserve", activating its disintegration.

The effectiveness of the balm ‒ thanks to a complex of active ingredients, it has an efficiency comparable with the use of classical turpentine baths.

It is convenient to apply – the balm, which is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces on clothes.

Versatile application, not available to other slimming products.


If you need to slim down quickly, rub yourself with this balm 2-3 times a day.

You can feel a slight tingling on the skin - this is how the receptors and capillaries work under the influence of active components.

So, in this way it is possible to get slim without exhausting workouts and diets.

Rub yourself and get slim!