Galipot Balm ‒ with active antioxidant and vascular complexes for improving blood microcirculation

Galipot Balm. Say "no" to premature aging! Galipotbalm will help you to remain untouched by time as long as possible.

 The effectiveness of the balm is due to its natural composition, consisting of 15 natural extracts:

 - Natural turpentine oil - a significant increase in blood flow, stimulation of recovery processes, improvement ofabsorption of all active components.

 - Dihydroquercetin is a natural flavonoid of Siberian larch, an antioxidant, a powerful defense of the cell against destruction or damage.

 - Bisabolol - the essential oil of the Kandei tree bark (Vanillosmopsis Erythropappa), increases the effect of the antioxidant complex and can restore damaged cells in a short time.

 - Vitamin "booster" (provitamin B5, vitamin C, grape seed oil) - is responsible for the optimal concentration of vitamins in the skin.

 - Essential oils of geranium, jasmine, cedar stimulate and protect cells and tissues by penetrating deep into the layers of the skin.

 - Extracts of ginseng, green tea, string, arnica, birch bark and milk thistle maximize the protective and antioxidant formulas, protect against diseases, prolong youth.


If such phenomena of premature aging, as: gray hair, wrinkles and flabby skin are not for you, then rub the skin with Galipot balm 15 minutes before taking a shower or bath.

Your skin, and the body as a whole, will be saturated with useful growth stimulants and antioxidants like a sponge, aging processes can significantly slow down.